Study Logistics

UCSF Community Research Center (UCRC)

Our pilot phase of the study was conducted off-campus at the UCRC Tenderloin site at 387 Golden Gate Avenue.

UCSF Tenderloin site

Mobile Research Study Van

All study will now occur in our mobile research study van.

  1. If you are still unable to leave your home per the Center for Diseases Control guidelines (, we will drive to your home for your in-person study visit.
  2. If you are able to leave your home per the Center for Diseases Control guidelines (, we will ask you to come to our San Francisco General Hospital campus for your in-person study visit in the parked mobile research study van.
Figure 1: UCSF CHIRP Team: Gurjot Gill, Caycee Cullen, Grace Xie, Matthew McGregor, Ellen Stein, DJ Jimmie (mascot), Ashley George, Tongcui Ma, Julie Frouard, Sulggi Lee, Nadia Roan, Jason Neidelman. Not Pictured: Joshua Vasquez, Priscilla Hsue, Steve Deeks, Dan Kelly, Jeffrey Martin, Michelle Davidson, Kevin Donahue, Jeffrey Milush, David Siegel, Jenny Price, Meghan Morris, Rachel Kanner
mobile van eqipment
Figure 2: Mobile research study van outfitted with exam table, phlebotomy chair, desk, and blood specimen processing equipment.
zsfg campus map
Figure 3: Mobile research study van is parked between buildings 20 and 25 on the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital campus for in-person visits where the participants meet criteria for discontinuation of home isolation per CDC guidelines (

Directions to the parked study van at San Francisco General Hospital Campus at 1001 Potrero Avenue, between building 20 and 25, San Francisco, CA 94110:

  1. From Potrero Ave, turn onto 22nd street and immediately turn right into the red gated area marked “Staff Parking”.
  2. Continue down the road until you see the new Zuckerberg building on your left.
  3. The CHIRP study van is located between the new Zuckerberg building (BDLG 25) and the older brick building (BDLG 20).
  4. Please park directly behind the study van to allow other possible vehicles through.

sampling visit