Medical Students & Residents

Medical Student Education

The UCSF Division of HIV, ID & Global Medicine at ZSFG participates in educational initiatives at UCSF at all levels of medical student training. Many faculty members teach in the UCSF School of Medicine courses on topics that include HIV, infectious diseases, epidemiology and biostatistics, patient care, and care of sexual and gender minority populations.

The Division also organizes MED 140.13 (HIV/Infectious Diseases Consultation, 4-week elective) and MED 140.28 (HIV/Infectious Diseases Consultation, 2-week elective), two clinical electives for 3rd and 4th year UCSF and visiting medical students. Students rotate through the joint HIV and Infectious Diseases Consult Service at ZSFG, which supplies HIV and Infectious Diseases expertise and consultation to inpatient providers on a variety of services (e.g., Medicine, Surgery, Family Practice, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Psychiatry, etc.), as well as support and education to patients and their families. This elective provides an opportunity for students interested in learning about infectious diseases and HIV to participate actively in the consultation and management of patients with a variety of infectious diseases, including HIV and HIV-related infections, at ZSFG. For more information on the medical student elective, visit UCSF School of Medicine Education.

Resident Education

The Division of HIV, ID & Global Medicine at ZSFG provides a variety of educational experiences for UCSF medical residents, as well as visiting residents from national and international training programs. Division faculty provide a series of lectures for the medical residents as part of outpatient and inpatient core curriculum training. Division faculty also attend on the medical wards at ZSFG approximately 10 months of the year, providing intensive inpatient teaching on HIV and infectious diseases for students and residents rotating through the wards. Finally, the Division directs HIV clinical electives for interns and residents in the UCSF Medical Residency program who are interested in obtaining specialty training in HIV medicine. One elective is open to visiting residents and provides outpatient training in our large, public outpatient HIV clinic (“Ward 86”) at ZSFG and a variety of San Francisco Public Health-funded community clinics.