UCSF Primary Care Addiction Medicine Fellowship

Our Addiction Medicine Fellowship prepares primary care physicians to become leaders in the care of persons affected by unhealthy substance use in the safety net communities of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fellows, all of whom have completed a residency in their primary specialty, will receive training in the knowledge and skills essential for the scope of practice of Addiction Medicine and to develop an identity as an addiction medicine physician. Clinical rotations include community-based outpatient and residential treatment and hospital-based inpatient consultation. Core rotations and continuity clinics emphasize patient-centered communication and the integration of primary care, addiction medicine services, and harm reduction practice and policies for patients disenfranchised through disparities created by structural, institutional, and cultural inequality. Fellows design electives with program mentors to either complement their skills and experiences or further develop specific areas of expertise. All trainees will complete an addiction-related mentored scholarly project by undertaking medical education or clinical practice quality improvement projects that make use of scientific methods.

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Featuring ADM Faculty Member and OBIC Site Director: Dr. Christy Soran

Program Leadership

paula lum

Alex Logan, MD

Alex Logan, MD
Associate Program Director
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