Participate in COVID Research

For information on plasma donation to help others with COVID infection or on studies that offer treatment for COVID-19 or follow people long term after their diagnosis, please call or text the COVID-19 Outpatient Research Warmline (right)
  • 415 942 2328 (English) 
  • 415 696 3392 (Spanish)

Bridge HIV COVID-19 Study

Bridge HIV has been a global leader in HIV prevention research for over three decades, serving the Bay Area community by targeting the global HIV pandemic. As a community partner, they are turning some of that focus to the global COVID-19 pandemic. To stop the spread of this virus we need a vaccine and to discover one we need your help.

Did you test positive for COVID-19? We want to learn what immune responses help people with COVID-19 recover from their infection. You can help right now by joining a research study. 

The information we learn from this study will be used to help develop better tests for SARS-COV-2 infection and COVID-19 disease and will help in developing future vaccines and treatments.

You may be eligible if you received a positive COVID-19 test result. If eligible for a study, you will be paid for your time and study participation.

To be contacted for the Bridge HIV study, please fill out their contact form on their website:

LIINC Study 

The Long-term Impact of Infection with Novel Coronavirus (LIINC) study is a collaboration of researchers looking for adult volunteers who tested positive for COVID-19. Our team is working to understand the changes that happen in the immune system after recovery from the virus. LIINC is a team effort that connects researchers across UCSF and the United States with the goal of understanding the immune response to the virus and how it affects a person's body during recovery - this includes its effects on the heart, lungs, and brain. Study visits will include a questionnaire, a blood test, and a saliva test. 

Please visit our website  or email [email protected] with your name and phone number if you are interested in learning more about this study.

COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Donation

If you are interested in COVID-19 convalescent plasma donation, you can sign up to donate directly with Vitalant, Stanford Blood Center, or American Red Cross.

COVID-19 Host Immune Response Pathogenesis (CHIRP) Study

 Purpose of the study:

  • To find out why some individuals have more severe symptoms of COVID-19 while others have little to no symptoms. For example, factors related to your:
    • Genetics
    • Immune defenses
    • Personal characteristics (gender, age, medical conditions, habits like smoking, etc.)
  • To use this information to potentially develop vaccines, treatment, and better tests for COVID-19.

 You may be eligible to participate if:

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 recently AND
  • You have symptoms that started less than 21 days ago (or if you do not have symptoms, you have had a positive COVID PCR test <21 days ago)

 If interested, please contact us for an initial phone consultation to see if you are eligible.

Visit to learn more about the study.


The purpose of this study is to determine if short-term treatment with an anti-inflammatory drug, colchicine, reduces death rates and lung complications linked to COVID-19. The study also aims to determine the safety of treatment with colchicine for the targeted population as well as to evaluate the links between colchicine and the effectiveness of the treatments.

Participation in this study involves daily intake of study medication or placebo. Study will be approximately 30 days and will include 6 follow-up phone and video visits.

You may enroll in this study if you:

  • Age 40 and over
  • COVID-19 positive diagnosis
  • Not hospitalized

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or not using contraception you are not eligible for this study at this time.

For more information or to take part, please fill out the contact information form here or call 1-877-536-6837/1-628-206-8257 and a coordinator will contact you shortly.

Visit to learn more about the study.

Clara Health COVID-19 Study Database

If you are interested in enrolling in a COVID-19 study, this free database from Clara Health allows you to search by subject, location, eligibility criteria, study and treatment type.