The SCOPE Study

SCOPE is an observational, prospective study of HIV-1 infected volunteers designed to provide a specimen bank of samples with carefully characterized clinical data. Our overall goal is to provide a platform for linking the basic laboratory with the clinic. Over the years, our team has assembled a large cohort of well characterized HIV-infected and uninfected persons of diverse demographic and clinical backgrounds. An extensive biologic specimen repository and clinical data-base have been assembled. These resources are routinely shared with collaboration investigators at UCSF and elsewhere.

In the same spirit of insuring that scientific discoveries lead to therapies for patients, the SCOPE cohort has been constructed to support early clinical testing of novel ideas. We have performed several “first-in-human” studies of such approaches, often working closely with the San Francisco community to make sure the study is both relevant and safe. Along these lines, the SCOPE team is now supporting several studies aimed at reducing HIV-associated inflammation during therapy. We are also supporting small clinical trials aimed at reducing the size of the reservoir. Our long-term aim is to help find a cure for HIV infection.

SCOPE specimens will be used to examine multiple questions involving virologic, immunologic, and host factors involved in HIV-1 infection, progression, non-progression, response to treatment, control of HIV-1 virus, and evolution of drug resistance. 

Samples from SCOPE will be used to examine:

  1. Virologic, immunologic, and host factors involved in the natural control of HIV-1 infection (long term non-progression and/or virologic control of HIV-1 without antiretroviral therapy)
  2. Virologic and immune correlates associated with disease progression
  3. Evolution of antiretroviral drug resistance
  4. Factors associated with transmission or acquisition of HIV infection

Enrolled subjects are seen at San Francisco General Hospital every four months for a confidential and detailed interview, saliva collection, and blood draw. Baseline visits take approximately one hour, follow up visits take approximately 20-40 minutes. No personal identifiers are used for specimen bank samples.


Investigators & Collaborators

The SCOPE cohort is directed by Drs. Steven Deeks and Jeffrey Martin. We work with a large team of investigators and collaborators from both academic and industry institutions. 


Interested in SCOPE? 

For questions or to inquire about enrollment, please call the SCOPE staff at (415) 476-4082 x 140.